Public Schools Serve as the Bedrock

Today marks the 19th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks on America.  It is a day of reflection and mourning for one of our darkest days in modern history.  On September 12th we awoke as a country that was more unified than ever, where you could see American flags flying almost everywhere as a sign of our patriotism.  

As our country continues to face the COVID pandemic, I worry we have forgotten how we are stronger together than apart.  

Public schools serve as the bedrock of this country and are a symbol of prosperity and unity for our youth.  This week for the first time in six months, we saw yellow buses rumble down the road, heard hallways full of chatter, and this morning saw kindergartners walk into school for the first time.  

As we finish up our first week of in-person schooling, I want to thank you for being a part of something extraordinarily special for our community and ultimately our country.  You have faced fears and worry with grace and we have persevered for our students and families.  Thank you for your dedication, it does not go unnoticed.    

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