Public Schools Serve as the Bedrock

Today marks the 19th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks on America.  It is a day of reflection and mourning for one of our darkest days in modern history.  On September 12th we awoke as a country that was more unified than ever, where you could see American flags flying almost everywhere as a signContinue reading “Public Schools Serve as the Bedrock”

This too shall pass…Message to the Class of 2020

I have been searching during this pandemic for the words to share with the Class of 2020. A class who has arguably been through more than any in recent history.  I was looking for ways to look at this time perhaps through a different lens.     In my search, I stumbled onto a story that EckertContinue reading “This too shall pass…Message to the Class of 2020”

“If Not Now, When?”- Hillel the Elder

Many of my education colleagues have been blogging for years, however, this is my first ever attempt at the art of blogging. I have wanted to jump into this world for a while now, but I have never made the time. Of course, making time is easier said than done when you are pulled inContinue reading ““If Not Now, When?”- Hillel the Elder”